2020 Best Pokemon Card Holiday Gift Guide For Collectors and Players

No idea what to get the Pokemon TCG (trading card game) collector in your life? Well, you are in the right place. We will walk you through some of the best Pokemon card gifts for this 2020 Holiday Season.

To make the Pokemon card collector or player really happy this holiday season, think about what type of Pokemon card collector they are. Are they brand new to collecting? Have they collected for years? Are they younger and just like to open up packs and like the looks of the cards? Do they know the value behind the cards and want to try and get high-value cards? Or do they like to battle and play in tournaments?

We have something for all of these types of Pokemon TCG players. Check out each of the sections below:

New Pokemon Collectors
Some of the newest sets are hard to find right now, but they would make great gifts if you could get your hands on them. These sets include Champion's Path, Darkness Ablaze, and Vivid Voltage. Vivid Voltage has the newest Pokemon cards and set released at this time (11/20/2020).



Currently, these packs can be harder to come by. If you can't get your hands on these, try out some of the slightly older but less costly booster packs and boxes such as Sword and Shield or Rebel Clash below.



Comes with 8 Rebel Clash Booster Packs and tons of other goodies! 


Sword and Shield Booster Box with 36 Packs to Open!


Let's Rip Open Packs and See Cool Cards Collectors (just for fun)
Those who might like to just open cool boxes and packs, sometimes the younger collectors, we have just the thing for them too. Check out this discounted Eternatus Vmax box that comes with multiple foil cards, a Pokemon collectors pin, a metallic coin, and 6 Pokemon booster packs to open. It looks cool too!

Something else you might consider is both the Dusk Mane or Dawn Wings Collections that have slightly older packs with some great cards and value there. Still, something unique about this box is that it includes a pretty neat Pokemon action figure in it with another five booster packs to open.

If you just want some less expensive booster packs to open, we have these Crimson Invasion packs on sale now for only 2.97 a pack.

Crimson Invasion Booster Pack

We also have rebel clash and Sword and Shield booster boxes for less than $100 each, which gives you 36 booster packs in a box. A value of about 2.78 a pack!

Rebel Clash Booster Box with 36 Booster Packs

Pokemon TCG Players and Battlers
If someone is just learning how to play the Pokemon Trading Card Game, then a great place to start is the Battle Academy. This Battle Academy comes with 4 pre-made pokemon card decks and teaches you how to play. It walks you through all the rules, and with these decks, you can just open the boxes and get going. It's an excellent way for any beginner to get introduced to the world of playing the Pokemon card game.

League Battle Decks are also great purchases for those that like to play the card game. They come with a popular deck that many people do well with when playing Pokemon.


Hardcore Collectors
Those looking for cards worth money or looking to add to their long term collection look no farther than the XY evolutions set. It seems to be all the rage for collectors but comes with a pretty high price tag. XY Evolutions Booster Boxes are going from $440 to-500. With booster packs in the $11-15 range. There are also some XY Evolutions Elite Trainer Boxes still floating around for around $100-130 each, including eight booster packs.

I also believe some not-so-old sets right now are still worth collecting and will be valuable in the future, such as Unified Minds, Team-Up, Burning Shadows, and Cosmic Eclipse, to name a few. Burning Shadows right now would be the top of my list because of the awesome Rainbow Charizard in it.
That concludes our Pokemon 2020 Holiday Gift guide. Let us know if you need help with anything or have any questions, we would be glad to answer them.