New Pokemon Battle Styles Set Revealed
Are you in the mood to defeat your most difficult opponents with a single, earth-shattering, and all-powerful punch? Or do you prefer taking your victory by keeping your opponents on their toes, slaying them with sneaky, intelligent, inventive, and tactical attacks to keep them confused? Whichever style you prefer, you don't have to wait very long with the release of the new Battle Styles expansion.

The Pokemon tcg has revealed a brand new set to the Sword & Shield series which will be aptly named Sword & Shield-Battle Style. This new collection is expected to reignite the hype once more, as this new installment brings an entirely new battle strategy to the beloved game.

Players will be now granted the ability to change the way they use specific Pokemon when battling. Pokemon Battle Styles introduces two brand new cards named “Rapid Strike” and “Single Strike” which will alter the gameplay of the Pokemon tcg. This set is centered around a Pokemon name Urshifu from the Isle of Armor.

Although Rapid Strike cards focus on sly, technical assaults, Single Strike cards offer powerful, and critical attacks. Any Pokemon can have a Battle Style, with Single Strike cards adorned with a touch of red and Rapid Strike cards adorned with a touch of blue. Aside from Pokemon cards, trainer and energy cards may now have their own Battle Style as well, because all Battle Style cards can be used in tandem with one another.

The new mechanic's aim is to motivate players to create collections that center on one category of Battle Style. This new introduction is expected to spill over into collections in the future, but not all cards will contain a Battle Style. It is essentially cards organized under a certain tag to work together.

Trainers will be able to gather, exchange, and play with Battle Style cards in the new Sword & Shield-Battle Styles expansion. In addition, Trainers can look forward to seeing Single Strike Urshifu VMAX and Rapid Strike Urshifu VMAX in their Gigantamax incarnations, as seen in The Isle of Armor expansion for the Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield video games.

The much-awaited announcement has detailed that the new Pokemon Battle Styles set will be released on March 19, 2021. Players will be familiar with the release form of booster packs, entire booster boxes, Elite Trainer Boxes, and special collections.

The set is touted to have over 160 cards, including 60 Battle Style cards, 12 Pokemon V, six Pokemon VMAX cards, six full art cards, and two Special Energy cards. They can be bought as booster packs or they can be bought in two different Elite Trainer boxes. They are giving multiple options for people to buy these cards. Options are always nice!

As the release date of March 19th draws nearer, you can definitely expect more details to surface about the Isle of Armor influenced set. Get ready, tell a friend, set your clocks, and mark your calendars and ready your cards!