Street Fighter: The Miniatures Game - Boss Expansion

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Street Fighter: The Miniatures Game Boss Expansion focuses on two  powerful fighters from the Street Fighter universe: the ruthless  dictator, M. Bison and the raging demon, Akuma. Each of these  power-hungry villains comes with a standard Battle Deck, a Boss  Battle Deck, and a set of Nemesis Event Cards. 

Akuma and M. Bison are compatible with all modes of play found in  Street Fighter: The Miniatures Game. By adding this expansion to a  collection, players are given two additional modes to play! 

In Boss Mode, one player controls a powerful boss form of either  Akuma or M. Bison. Each of these two bosses has a unique Boss  Battle Deck composed of cards that are intentionally designed to be  more powerful than a standard Battle Deck. This mode can be played  with up to four players; however, the boss player will always face off  against three other challengers. 

In Nemesis Mode, two players are limited to using Akuma and M.  Bison. Each player uses the Character’s standard Battle Deck with  Special Nemesis Event cards, providing a thematic encounter  between these two rivals.

  • High quality pre-painted “Collector  Sized” miniatures with breath-taking  sculpts! 
  • Individual 40-card character Battle Decks  split into Projectiles, Specials, Strikes  and Event Cards! Use powerful Super &  Ultra Combos for impressive finishes. 
  • Cross compatible with future Universal  Tactics System sets! Create your dream  scenarios for some truly legendary fights. 
  • Rules and Components for Boss Mode  and Nemesis Mode for Akuma and M.  Bison. 
  • Stage Maps with 3D Destructible Terrain  inspired straight from the video games.


  • 1x Rulebook
  • 2x Miniatures
  • 2x Battle Decks (82 cards)
  • 2x Boss Battle Decks (82  cards)
  • 12x Nemesis Event Cards (12 cards)
  • 30x Challenge Cards
  • 2x Boss Character  Dials
  • 1x Double-Sided Game Board
  • 3x Terrain Punchout Boards

2-6 Players

Ages 14+

30-90 minutes playtime

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