Star Wars Unlimited - Draft Event

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Max of 16 participants 

3 pack draft.

Each player opens three booster packs and takes out the leader cards, keeping the remaining cards of each pack in their separate stacks without looking at them.

Each player chooses one of their three leaders to keep and passes the other two to the right. Then, each player chooses on of the two leaders that was just passed to them and passes the other to the right. After this point, each player should have three leader cards; one that they started with, and two that were passed to them by other players.

Next, each player chooses one of the booster packs that they opened. The common base/token card from that pack is placed in a pile at the center of the table, and then each player chooses one card to keep from the pack before passing the other cards to the player on their left. They then draft their next card from the cards they received from the player on their right.

This continues until all cards from the first booster pack have been drafted. Then the process repeats fro the second booster pack, except this time players pass cards to the right. 

After all cards from the second booster pack have been drafted, the process is repeated one more time with the third pack, once again passing cards to the left.

Before choosing their first card from a pack, players have three minutes to review their pack in its entirety and make their selection. All other picks after the first shold be made within 45 seconds each. Players can review what they have already drafted in between picks, but should be mindful not take too much time when doing so.

All players must follow the deckbuilding guidelines for this event set forth in 2.3.2 Limited Formats.

While players are limited to using a leader acquired from one of their packs, they may use any common base they wish when constructing their deck.

Players are not permitted to trade cards they have drafted or use cards from outside their drafted cards when building their deck.

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