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Peacock Block is a 3 to 5 player "Take That!" styled card game where players take on the role as Peacocks at a rager of a party, trying to score the love of the peahen by Flirting, Growing Tail Feathers, and presenting "The Ring". However it won't be easy, players on their turn will stop at nothing to Block each other with insults, Pluck tail feathers, and cause all kinds of shenanigans.

Peacock Block has 2 game modes: Normal play, and an extended game which utilizes the Love Meter. The extended game is fantastic for tournaments, and adds even more strategy to the game.

For those who like it even more dirty, there is the 2 part expansion called "The Dirty Bird" Expansion, which adds a 6th player to the fun, and the other part adds interchangeable cards that are Not Safe For Work...or ANYWHERE!

There is also a 2 Player Mode.

Players: 3-5 or 2 player mode

Playtime: 15 Minutes

Ages: 13+

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