Legions of Will TCG: Forgotten Tribes - Giant Theme Deck

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Command Your Legions. Expand Your Bases.

Legions of Will is a strategy-based trading card game. 

Create and expand your bases. Upgrade to increase your capacity, defense and resource production. Station your units and wait for the perfect moment to overwhelm your opponent and destroy each of their bases. Produce resources and play a variety of unique cards and mechanics. Deploy traps at your base to have your opponent question their next move.

Will You Fight For Power or Preservation?

The illusions of our reality has shattered. The polarizing forces of both light and darkness have exceeded their natural balance. The fabric that holds together space and time has been torn, exposing all possible eventualities. This energy ripples throughout the universe causing chaos among all. There are those who are willing to battle to the death in order to protect what is theirs and those who seek to destroy what they wish to claim.

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