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Imperial Miners is a light engine-building card game from the designer Tim Armstrong (Arcana Rising, Orbis) in which players build their mines using a clever card activation system. This standalone game is set in the popular Imperial Settlers universe and offers beautiful illustrations, easy rules, and satisfying gameplay full of combos and synergies between the cards.

In Imperial Miners players build their own mines by playing cards to their tableau. They start from the ground floor and develop downwards. Each time a card is added to the mine it activates itself and all the cards above it rewarding a player with satisfying combos. Cards belong to six different factions and offer various abilities. Players are free to mix different factions in their mines for better results.

Imperial Miners offers an impressive replayability thanks to its wide range of different cards and progress tracks, which are added to the game during setup (3 out of 6 in the game box). Players advance the tracks throughout the game acquiring immediate benefits to synergize with their cards trigger even more satisfying combos.

Key Points:

  • stunning production value and a great MSRP
  • a stand-alone game set in the award winning Imperial Settlers family
  • simultaneous gameplay with no downtime,delivering a great experience in just 45 minutes


  • 136 Mine cards
  • 18 Event cards
  • 5 Surface boards
  • 3 double-sided Progress boards
  • 5 Progress markers
  • 60 Coin tokens
  • 60 Victory Point tokens
  • 44 Machine tokens
  • 24 Collapse tokens
  • 40 wooden Cart markers
  • 1 rulebook


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