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Harrow County: The Game of Gothic Conflict is designed by Jay Cormier (MIND MGMT, In the Hall of the Mountain King, Belfort, Akrotiri) and Shad Miller (Partners in Crime), with art from Tyler Crook (Eisner nominated, Harrow County comic series). It's based on the comic series of the same name, created by Cullen Bunn and Tyler Crook. 

It's an asymmetric game where players control 1 of 3 factions (Protectors, The Family, and Kammi), with each one having their own play-style and objectives. The game includes a 3rd player, the dead witch, Hester Beck, who's buried under the tree. You can even play up to 4 players with the Fair Folk Expansion.

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  • Play as one of five Protectors who are trying to rescue townsfolk and escorting them back to your home. They collect ability tokens and add them to tracks on their board.
  • Play as one of six Family members who are trying to destroy Harrow County by placing a path of storms from your home to one of the buildings in Harrow County. They collect ability tokens and add them to their bag, or permanently discard them to their board, which increases how many tokens they can pull out of their bag on future turns.
  • Play as Kammi and one of three of her goblins who wants to rule Harrow County but first she needs to find her hidden doll that contains her life essence and only her opponent knows where it is. She collects ability tokens and adds them to tracks on her board, but when she activates her abilities, she uses a separate board to slide in a token which then activates 2 different abilities.
  • Play as Hester, the dead witch who's buried under the tree. She doesn't want the ability tokens. Instead, she controls the roots of the tree and attempts to infect the Haints belonging to the other players in an attempt to come back to life - and eat the other Legends! 

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