Gloomhaven: Bugs and Buttons

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Buttons & Bugs gives you the same deep strategy combat of Gloomhaven but in a fraction of the size. Its compact footprint and streamlined system means you can set up and play a scenario in under 20 minutes, and it fits on your coffee table or even an airplane tray table.

★ Small and portable
★ Solo player
★ Travel anywhere

• 6 micro-miniatures
• 6 playable characters
• 22 scenarios
• 5 dual-layer trays
• 48 ability cards
• 12 progressive player modifier cards
• 5 health dials
• 20 monsters
• 2 alternate monster difficulty modifier cards
• 21 condition tokens
• 14 plastic tracking cubes
• DIZED Tutorial
• 1 modifier die
• 1 learn to play guide

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