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The product many players have been eagerly waiting for: our highly rated Squire in an upgraded PLUS version. The Squire PLUS 100+ XL is a premium deck box, specifically designed for the widely popular Magic: The Gathering™ format “COMMANDER”. It includes a Slide Card Case for displaying the Commander or top card with additional UV protection. Due to the innovative placement, the stored deck can be easily identified without opening the box. The Slide Card Case can also be detached and used during gameplay.

The Squire PLUS holds 100 double-sleeved cards in extra Thick Inner Sleeves. It can also fit 100 regular double-sleeved cards and has extra room for token cards. This premium box is also equipped with our highly rated convertible system: The completely removable cover clips onto the bottom, saving precious space on the gaming table. The Squire PLUS is available in all 5 colors used in Magic: The Gathering™ and is equipped with our new material Armorfyber.

  • DISPLAY AND PROTECT: Features a Slide Card Case with UV protection to display your Commander/Top card, allowing deck identification without opening.
  • HIGH CAPACITY: Accommodates up to 100 double-sleeved cards in extra thick inner sleeves, ideal for trading card games and collectible card games.
  • DETACHABLE AND DURABLE: Detachable Slide Card Case enhances gameplay; Armorfyber exterior and microfiber lining offer superior protection.
  • SPACE-SAVING DESIGN: Convertible system with a fully removable cover that clips to the bottom, maximizing space on your game table.
  • SECURE CLOSURE: Strong magnets ensure the deck box remains closed, safeguarding your valuable card collection during transport and play.

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