Fireball Island: Spider Springs

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Fireball Island’s Hot New Attraction!

A new part of the island to explore, new treasures to discover, and... GIANT JUMPING SPIDERS! Dare to descend into the cavern to gather precious spider eggs. But these eight-legged pests quickly spread out over the whole island, springing out of their nest - even coming out of Vul-Kar himself. New action cards and souvenirs, new ways to score, and a new way to get of the island.

• 1 plastic island extension tray
• 21 plastic spiders
• 1 spider launcher
• 11 small spider eggs
• 1 large spider egg
• 1 long bridge figure
• 1 broken bridge figure
• 3 ember marbles
• 10 action cards
• 4 souvenir cards
• 2 snapshot cards
• 1 reference card
• 1 rulebook

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