Final Fantasy TCG: Opus XV - Crystal Dominion Pre-Release Kit

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Experience the next set of the Final Fantasy® Trading Card Game one week early with the Crystal Dominion pre-release kit!

Each Crystal Dominion pre-release kit contains:

  • Nine (9) Crystal Dominion Booster Packs
  • One (1) Pre-Release Exclusive Promo Card
  • One (1) Pre-Release Exclusive Sleeve Pack

Multi-Element Forwards, first introduced in Opus XII and expanded in Opus XIII, appear once again in Opus XIV: Having gone through the Crystal trilogy of Opus XII, Opus XIII, and Opus XIV, FFTCG now gains a new power. A portion of the Character abilities, and Summons will now appear with a new cost to be paid called “Crystals”, not the usual “Crystal Points (CP).” Use abilities and more to gain “Crystals,” and experience the latest strategy. Dice or counters can be used to keep track of the number of Crystals, but Crystal Dominion includes two kinds of premium version Crystal cards that can be used during games

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