Expansion Set [DBS-BE23] - Premium Anniversary Fighter Box 2023

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Set: Premium Anniversary Fighter Box 2023 Sealed
Release Date: 2023-10-06
An Overwhelming Volume with a Total of Over 100 Cards!
A total of 104 limited-edition cards! And more than 90 of them are new cardsm which makes this lineup even more powerful! All cards are holo or better, making the card even more gorgeous!

SCR from "Dragon Ball GT", Super Ultra Spirit Bomb!
By including a different illustration ver. of SCR at a low inclusion-rate, we aim to simulate multiple purchases. Not only that, but this is the first time that a famous scene from the original work has been made into a card.

A New "Z-Extra" Card!
Z-Extra, a new card added from Z5, will be included in the Special Z Card Set! Which will support the excitement of the new game mechanic.

Massive Enhancement of Existing Archetypes!
The 36 new cards in the Battle Card Set enhance as many as 10 existing archetypes! Allowing players to play with decks that have gained new strength!

• 1 Premium Z Card Set
• 1 SCR Set
• 1 Premium Battle Card Set
• 1 Reprint Set
• 1 Set of 66 Sleeves (1 of 4 designs randomly)
• 1 Storage box

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