Dark Souls: The Board Game - The Sunless City Core Set

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Venture into the ruinous world of DARK SOULS: The Board Game - The Sunless City, a cooperative board game for 1-3 players based on the first DARK SOULS video game.

In this forsaken realm, once bathed in golden light, you must work together as the Herald, Pyromancer, or Warrior to conquer the crumbling city. Succeed, and your reward is an epic boss battle against Dragon Slayer Ornstein and Executioner Smough. But success in this perilous place hinges on one vital element: teamwork. Learn your enemies' attack patterns and weaknesses, use your resources sparingly, and tread carefully, for death carries a high cost. If even one of you falls, you must all return to the bonfire, resetting each enemy encounter to begin again.

  • Hone your skills -manage yourstamina, learn enemy attack patterns and know when to strike
  • Objective based combat puzzle
  • Customize characters
  • Prepare to die - and respawn by the bonfire

DARK SOULS: The Board Game - The Sunless City reimagines theoriginal DARK SOULS: The Board Game experience with refreshed rules driven bycommunity feedback, including a new campaign and encounter system! You can alsocombine it with any core set to expand the player count to 4 players.

Contents: 15 miniatures, including 3 large bosses; 4 double-sided game tiles; 3 character boards; 200+ tokens; 190+ cards; 15 bespoke dice; 2 health dials; campaign dashboard; rulebook.

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