Chronicles of Crime

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London, today. You just left the commissioner's office. You're not sure how you feel, but definitely not good. A body was found in Hyde Park, and the commissioner just made it your case. You leave the police station, get in your car, and close the door. You shake off your thoughts, start the engine, and drive away to the crime scene. Time to get to work.

Chronicles of Crime is a cooperative game of criminal investigation mixing board game, an app and a touch of Virtual Reality. You and your team will be put on crime cases, moving all around town, interviewing suspects or witnesses, and searching for clues in 3D scenes!

This game requires an app to work (it's impossible to play without it), but once downloaded no Internet connexion is needed to play. You currently need Android 4.4 or newer, or iOS 8.0 or newer to run the app, which may change in the future.


  • 1x base game (London), with:
  • 1x tutorial
  • 5x scenarios
  • 40x character cards
  • 35x evidence categories cards
  • 10x special items cards
  • 12x location boards
  • 4x forensic contact boards
  • 1x board
  • 1x rulebook
  • 1x plastic insert
  • ambience music

The cards and the scenarios in the app are fully available in the following languages:

  • English
  • French
  • Italian
  • Spanish

Players: 1-4
Playtime: 45-90 Minutes
Ages: 12+

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