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  • Run Your Own Wrestling Promotion!
  • Deck Building and Resource Management
  • Original Artwork By Alex Mahoney

Book It! Is a strategy game for 1-4 players. The play time is 45-60 minutes (Though it may be higher your first couple games as you learn).

In your quest to run the best pro wrestling company in the world, you’re going to need to sign some talent! Fight with your competitors and try to book the talent that’s going to best fit your promotion, increase your reputation, and make you the most money!

What type of promotion do you want to run? Do you prefer the flash and glitz of sports entertainment? The no-nonsense hard hitting strong style? The blood and guts of hardcore wrestling? The high-flying exclusive tradition of lucha libre? Or would you rather mix it all together and promote a hybrid style? You’ll have to try to set yourself apart from your competition to make your name, so choose wisely!

What sort of fans are going to enjoy your promotion? Do you want to stay in one spot or take your show on the road? Choose what city best suits you… Or muscle in on your opponent’s turf! What type of person do you want to be? Promoters can choose to purchase cards that will give them special abilities or events, increasing their stock and maybe putting some extra coin in their back pocket. They can ALSO spend money in an attempt to screw things up for their competitors! Mess with their bookings! Damage their ring! Hurt their advertising, and more! Be careful, though… Word tends to get around when someone is being a scumbag!

Put together all of these things and do your best to become the top promotion in the world!

- Description from publisher

Ages: 13+
Players: 1-4
Playtime: 60-90 Minutes

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