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Astra is a competitive, highly interactive game of discovering constellations. Players collect and spend Stardust, and use their marker pen to mark stars on Constellation cards either to assist other players in their discovery or to finish discovering a Constellation and claim the card for themselves.

A discovered Constellation card not only increases the value of the players' collection, but it also grants additional abilities for further effectiveness; meanwhile, assisting other players in their discovery rewards the assisting players with instant benefits. It is always up to the players to decide how much they want to invest in a Constellation and especially when.

Thanks to the 48 unique Constellation cards, every game plays differently and each game creates its own exciting situations depending on which cards come into play.

Astra is a medium-light weight game that's easy to learn, and while its unique dynamics are clear for the first play, the game's strategic depth also reveals itself just after a few turns.

With few additional rules, the game plays perfectly with 2 players, which makes Astra an ideal choice for couples.

Players: 2-5
Playtime: 40-90 Minutes
Ages: 10+

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