ARTFX Darth Maul Star Wars: The Clone Wars

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"Every choice you have made has led you to this moment" From the acclaimed animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars on Disney+ emerges a familiar face from the shadows of the dark side of the Force - Darth Maul! Rebuilt with a set of humanoid legs through a chance encounter with Pre Vizsla, Darth Maul rose to power in the underworld, by forming the Shadow Collective and eventually seizing control of Mandalore from Vizsla himself. Fueled by revenge against Obi-Wan Kenobi for that fateful battle on Naboo, Maul continued his rage and rampage, ultimately facing off with his former master Darth Sidious, which nearly brought about his demise. Expertly sculpted using actual reference materials from the Lucasfilm archives, ARTFX Darth Maul stands ready for combat at an impressive 1/7 scale with his double lightsaber drawn. Twin removable energy blades allow you to display Maul right before he ignites his hilt. And the distinctive crown of horns atop his head and the red tattoo markings found on his face and chest denote his Zabrak heritage. As an added bonus, an additional base extension is included so you can display the previously released ARTFX Ahsoka Tano (sold separately) with Darth Maul to recreate their breathtaking lightsaber duel! Display Darth Maul with the previously released ARTFX Ahsoka Tano and ARTFX Captain Rex to recreate the excitement of The Clone Wars on your display shelf!

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