2023 UD Blizzard Legacy Collection Blaster

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  • 200-Card Base Set
    • Collect RETAIL EXCLUSIVE Colorful Base Set Parallels:
      • Horde Parallel with red foil
      • Molten Core Parallel on patterned foilboard
  • Thematic Inserts
    • From Diablo, collect Horadric Cube Square Die-Cut cards, and create your own custom Horadric Cube!
    • From Overwatch, gather Emotes! Lenticular Motion cards featuring the most popular emotes used by players, and Ultimate Ready cards that show off the power of each Hero’s Ultimate Ability!
    • Gather The Innkeepers Collection Capsule cards. Each card can be ripped open to findHearthstone Mini cards inside.
  • Art of Samwise insert: BRAND NEW art cards from Samwise!
    • Art of Samwise Cards
    • Blizzard Legacy Collection Molten Core Parallel

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