My Hero Academia TCG: League of Villains (1st ed.) Booster Pack

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It’s time for a little CHAOS! With the MY HERO ACADEMIA COLLECTIBLE CARD GAME: League of Villains Booster Display Box. This display contains 24 booster packs of 10 cards each for the MY HERO ACADEMIA COLLECTIBLE CARD GAME, 1 box topper promotional card (Box-Toppers are Randomly inserted Extra Rarity Foil Cards found in the corresponding set), and 2 Quirk Pack promotional packs (an Exclusive Pack of two (2) randomly inserted Foil Cards not found in the corresponding set 5 to collect in total).

Series 4: League of Villains places a special emphasis on the Villains from My Hero Academia. This expansion will grant players access to 8 new playable character cards, and a number of game-changing attacks, foundations, assets, and actions that will allow players to create brand new decks and innovate on previous deck concepts.


  • 24 Series 4 League of Villains Booster packs, each containing 10 cards
  • 1 Box Topper XR promotional card
  • 2 Quirk pack promotional card packs


  • My Hero Academia CCG Series 4 features 108 unique cards, 2 Secret Rares, 5 Quirk Cards, 1 Random XR Topper, 8 new character cards, and 1 character card from the Quirk Card set!

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