Streets of New Capenna 1/3rd Collector Draft Event

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This is a one ticket entry for our Streets of New Capenna 1/3rd Collector Draft Event on Friday 4/7/23. We start at 6:30pm EST.

$25 buy in gets you a seat at the table, 2 regular Streets of New Capenna Draft Booster packs and 1 Streets of New Capenna Collector Booster pack. You keep all the cards you open and prizes will be in the form of $4 of Unplugged Gaming store credit per match win. Go 3-0 and receive an extra $4 in store credit or a chance at The Box of Mystery.

This will be a 3 round swiss sealed event.

Please have a Wizards Account email (email used to play Arena) to register into our event. Here is a link to register for a Wizards Account if you do not already have one.

No supplies are necessary, but it is recommended you bring matching sleeves and a way to track your life total.

There is a limit of 36 Players for this event.

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