Resident Evil: Into The Darkness Expansion

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The undead aren’t the only danger roaming the mansion and its grounds. Explore sinister new parts of the mansion and its grounds with the Into the Darkness gameplay expansion.

Up on the third floor, where only the most determined dare to tread, the monstrous Yawn has made its lair, awaiting those foolish enough to disturb its slumber. And down under the ground, in a network of abandoned caverns, a nest of huge arachnids lurks. Beware the largest of their brood — the terrifying Black Tiger.

Dare you step into the darkness and face your fears?

  • Face two huge new bosses, so large they take up multiple squares
  • Explore the Mansion 3rd Floor and Caves in exciting and tense new scenarios
  • New tile artwork for the Caves and the Spencer Mansion

Yes, Into the Darkness will take you into the darkest recesses of the mansion grounds. There, you’ll face rotating tiles, boulder traps, poison, and the monstrous Yawn and Black Tiger!

This expansion adds 8 hours of gameplay to your campaign, by adding new areas of the mansion to explore, and new scenarios that take place during the events of your campaign. It’ll also introduce new mechanics and unleash two huge bosses!


  • Yawn Boss Monster Mini (80mm base)
  • Black Tiger Boss Monster Mini (80mm base)
  • 11 Double-Sided Game Tiles
  • Into the Darkness Rulebook
  • More than 100 cards

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