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Assemble the ultimate team and join the fight in Guardians, a game of super-powered battles for two or four players! The Guardians were once a network of legendary heroes that fought for peace and justice. They were influential in establishing InterGov, the world’s first global government. The Guardians chose to step aside so that InterGov could usher the world into a new age of peace and prosperity. Nearly three decades have passed, and new threats have emerged to challenge the peace these heroes fought for. A new generation of heroes must now rise and fight for the future!

The Guardians once fought for justice, but these legendary heroes stepped aside after InterGov, the first world government, united the planet in peace. Nearly three decades have passed, but law and order are once more threatened. Renegade factions have emerged to challenge InterGov, and a new generation of heroes must rise up to defend it!


  • 1 Rulebook
  • 1 Location Deck (14 Cards)
  • 10 Hero Cards
  • 10 Ultimate Cards
  • 10 Power Decks (6 Cards Each)
  • 4 Basic Decks (6 Cards Each)
  • 2 Double-Sided Faction Cards
  • 2 Condition/Control Token Summary Cards
  • 4 Control Tokens
  • 24 Double-Sided Damage Tokens
  • 18 Condition Tokens
  • 18 Charge Tokens

    Players: 2-4

    Time: 30-45 Minutes

    Age: 14+


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