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The Dungeon S 550+ is the little sibling of our very popular and highly rated Dungeon 1100+ in a compact, one-row design. It holds several deck boxes, playmats, accessories and, of course, a huge number of single- or double-sleeved cards or cards protected in bigger toploader sleeves.

Thanks to our Convertible System, the completely removable flap gives an easy access to all the components of the box. Additionally, the flap can be clipped onto the bottom and saves precious space on the gaming table.

The special locking mechanism with its powerful magnets is subtle but strong. The Dungeon S 550+ stays safely closed even when the full box is shaken upside-down.

The premium Nexofyber+ outside material gives the Dungeon S 550+ an elegant look and the soft microfiber inner lining protects your cards effectively.

It is a compact storage box which fits in most regular backpacks!

Our Dungeon S 550+ is compatible with the majority of our products and also with many other boxes and solutions available on the market.

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