As an Unplugged Streamer you will have access to some of resources listed below:

  • Ability to get new product releases held for your streams. (We save some new products specifically for our streamers.)
  • Discounts on items. We provide an area where you can get some of our products for your streams and breaks at a lesser price. (May not be available for extremely limited products.) Currently just contact us and will be able to provide an invoice for the products you are looking at. 
  • Potential promotion in our FB Groups, on our website and on our social pages.
  • Potential to do live streams and breaks in our FB Groups.
  • Potential to show and promote in our Advertisements.
  • Unplugged Gaming Swag
  • Unplugged Gaming logo to place on stream to show you're an unplugged streamer. Download the logo here.
  • Must mention Unplugged Gaming and link to our website ( ) on your stream profile or stream page. We will ask for a link to see this before we give you access to purchase discounted products.
  • Creating a !shop command with a link to our store is also recommended but not required.