We decided to start Unplugged Gaming because of our love for collectible card games. 

I have collected Pokemon cards since I was a kid and eventually collected Yugioh and Magic cards. I have played all of them over time and eventually went back to collecting Pokemon cards again with my wife. We hope to pass that joy on to our family and now other families in the future with Unplugged Gaming. 

I have enjoyed collecting over the last 20 years and learned a lot from it. We decided we wanted to pass that on to others. This why my wife and I decided to start Unplugged Gaming together. 

I believe we can do that with unplugged gaming by providing great customer service and teaching people how to play and enjoy collecting and/competing at any level. 

We hope in the future to have a wide selection of games and trading card games for you to discover and collect. 

If there is something we don't carry or you don't see yet feel free to let us know at support@unpluggedgamestore.com


Jake + Jess