Logan Paul’s Effect On Joining The Pokemon Community and His Potentially Fake 3.5 Million Dollar Purchase

Logan Paul’s Effect On Joining The Pokemon Community and His Potentially Fake 3.5 Million Dollar Purchase

Jacob Lodge
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January 10th, 2022.

In October of 2020 Logan Paul, a musician, former Vine star, and massively popular vlogger/YouTuber got into the Pokemon Trading Card Game Community in a sensational fashion. He and his team streamed themselves opening a Base Set Booster Box.

As a result, casual collectors saw empty shelves in local retailers, while long-term collectors saw unparalleled gains netting some in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. The boom of this new blood his fanbase and casual viewers brought into the community was spectacular and tragic in a variety of ways. Misinformation about the value of these collectibles spread like wildfire.

In a collectible market, the value of anything is perceived value. A few other factors play into how much people will pay for rare or limited vintage items. For instance, before this boom, if there were say, 5,000 Base Set Holo Charizards graded in a PSA 10, and the value was 35,000$ per graded Charizard, hardcore collectors would dole out that large sum to get their hands on such a classic piece of nostalgia.

Once Logan got hundreds of thousands if not millions of new eyes on the community and the money to be made, former collectors who once had these cards as children realized what they’d stored in the attic to appease their mother was now a potential goldmine. Hundreds of thousands of people took the time to scour their homes for their childhood collections. They sleeved their Base Set and Vintage Pokemon cards and sent them away to be graded, in hopes of when the cards returned to them the dollar signs they were told about would become a reality.

The truth of the matter shockingly enough was that so many people did this all at the same time that PSA the longtime go-to Trading and Sports Card authentication and grading company alongside competitor Beckett who is primarily used for Sportscards, both had to tell the public they could no longer accept new submissions for grading as the backlog they both possessed was in the six-figure range. This also led to some new grading companies sprouting up and capitalizing on the perceived opportunity.

Some people who submitted their cards in late 2020 to PSA and Beckett are still currently waiting for their graded cards to return to them. This stand-still of new graded cards entering circulation led to what was available in the market becoming worth in some cases up to 500% more than it was mere months before Logan entered the community.

During the later months of 2020 and throughout 2021, Logan continued opening Base Set Booster Boxes live for a massive audience and it began to seem like empty shelves and exorbitant card prices would become the new normal to collectors and players of the Pokemon Trading Card Game as the public’s nostalgia buzz was at an all-time high.

Around February of 2021, The Pokemon Company International announced to combat these empty shelves they would be opening new printing facilities in America and would proceed to reprint Sets that had come out as far back as seven years prior. This sent some collectors into a frenzy as it could potentially affect the value of their collections. The announcement of course took a while to take effect on the part of putting the products out on shelves, but it led to most modern cards losing value steadily over the coming year.

People were racing to sell for the lowest price to ensure their cards would be purchased. The biggest highs of any market are practically warnings for the lowest lows being inevitable. On June 6th Logan walked to the ring for a boxing match debuting his freshly graded Beckett Pristine 10 1st Edition Shadowless Base Set Charizard.

There was controversy surrounding this card believe it or not, as it was originally a PSA 10 that Logan had purchased from renowned collector King Gary of Pawn Stars fame for the sum of $150,000. Gary had tried to get Beckett to grade that specific Charizard as a Pristine 10 multiple times but each time it didn’t manage to cross over. Beckett has a higher standard generally than PSA and Beckett Pristine 10’s are the second most valuable grade a trading or sports card can receive alongside a Beckett Black Label 10.

Gary and the general public believe that Logan was able to cross this card over from a PSA 10 to a Beckett Pristine 10 because he told the company he planned on wearing it on a necklace as he came out to the ring for his exhibition boxing match against Floyd Mayweather. 

Most of the people who got into the hobby for dollar signs at this point in 2022 have left the hobby now. I have quite a few friends personally that got into the hobby while the prices of cards were high to hold onto and recapture part of their childhood nostalgia with expectations of growth and ended up selling at a low point out of fear and losing the small amount of money they had to risk in the first place. Some would say nature is healing. Others would say a storm came. 

On December 20th of 2021, Logan Paul announced via Twitter that he purchased a sealed Base Set 1st Edition Booster Box case for $3.5 million. This is probably one of the rarest Pokemon products on the face of the earth. Printed over 20 years ago, and kept in mint condition the six sealed booster boxes inside the case are as rare as rare can be. 

Logan posted that picture to Twitter, and some users were quick to notice some irregularities with the sealed case as well as the fact authenticating such an object in its sealed state is almost impossible. A few people noticed the serial number on the case matched an eBay listing that had been posted by a Canadian user with zero-feedback months prior and it had gone unpurchased.

The listing reached the in comparison small bid of $75,000, which lead most people to believe the box was too good to be true at the time. In this collectible industry, when anything seems too good to be true, trusting your intuition is a must. The Candian user or a fence used by them may have sold this case to a baseball-focused trading card company that goes by the name of BBCE.

Logan procured it for himself from them having believed they authenticated it and thought of it as legitimate. Since this information has been brought to light and in response to an IGN article written that questioned the legitimacy of Paul’s purchase, January 5th, 2022 on Twitter he responded with, “I’m flying to Chicago this weekend to verify the case with BBCE, the company who insured its authenticity

to be continued…”

January 13th, 2022 UPDATE: Since writing the aforementioned information for an article, my Publisher and I decided to sit on the article until Logan revealed the information he obtained from his visit to Chicago to have the 1st Edition Booster Case re-checked for authenticity by BBCE. 

More information on the backstory of said Case has been revealed. Logan purchased the case from a sports card collector named Matt who purchased it for $2.7 Million from an Instagram “collector”, that goes by the name CardKahuna. Matt explains before the inspection by BBCE that he believes it to be authentic, but the backstory he got from Card Kahuna seemed a bit sketchy.

Card Kahuna has come under fire previous to this for associating with re-sealers. A re-sealer is someone who typically purchases a vintage product, opens it, removes the valuable cards, and then tries their best to repackage it and resell it for the amount they bought it for if not more. The deal Logan made with Matt was brokered by a rather popular member of the community named Pokejew.

During Logan's visit to Chicago, the following people were present for the re-authentication process with the President of BBCE. Logan, BBCE President, Matt who sold Logan the box and Pokejew. They all sat down in a hotel room with hopes that once the case was opened they would be looking at six sealed Pokemon Base Set First Edition Booster boxes. The BBCE President inspects the outside of the case and says all the signs he looks for in a sealed case are present. Light wear, the proper labeling, and a proper stop tape seal. They proceeded to open the case, and immediately they realize something is wrong.

The Booster Boxes’ colors and shape appeared off. They removed all six boxes from the case and realized some of the boxes didn’t even say First Edition on them. They proceeded to open one of the Booster Boxes and it was full of packs of GI Joe cards. Logan was understandably infuriated.

Pokejew explains to everyone in the room that this is the single largest instance of fraud in the history of Pokemon purchases. $3.5 Million down the drain. Logan will most assuredly get his money back from Matt, but where this leaves Matt who had purchased it from Card Kahuna only time will tell. The President of BBCE said to the room, “We’ve all been duped.”

A lesson to be learned from all of this, anything that is this rare, that is part of the most profitable franchise in history will have bottom-dwellers trying to score quick cash by creating fakes. A sealed First Edition Case of Base Set Pokemon Cards may still be out there somewhere in the world. But at this point, its owner would have probably sold it. We may never see another one ever again. 

Only time will tell what makes the next wave in the Pokemon Trading Card Game community and whether or not that wave will bring new players into the hobby, or swallow already existing players whole. 

Sources: Logan Paul/Twitter & Youtube Channel, PokeBeach.com, Multiple Reddit & Twitter users.

Jacob Lodge / Twitter - @maniccrux

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